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Occupational Health


We collaborate with both clinical psychologists and physicians in order to make holistic occupational health care services available, including the following services:


  • Psychological Testing and Psychiatric Evaluation for Law Enforcement Preemployment

  • Psychological Testing and Psychiatric Evaluation for Civilian Preemployment

  • Drug Screening for Employment / Preemployment

  • Court-Ordered Drug Screening 

  • DOT Physicals

  • Assistance with Prevention of Work-Related Illness

  • Help Facilitating Early Return to Work

  • Help Effectively Managing Absences  Calling Employees / Daily Tracking of Progress

  • Maintaining Competitiveness and Productivity (Assertiveness Training)

  • Anger Management

  • Assistance Meeting Statutory Obligations

  • Help Achieving Significant Cost Savings

  • Identifying and Evaluating Workplace Hazards

  • Tracking Patterns of Work-Related Injury and Illness

  • Developing Training and Informational Materials

  • Providing Technical Assistance to Prevent Work-Related Injury and Illness 

  • Working with Partners to Develop Safer Ways to Work

  • Recommendations for Protective Occupational Health Standards



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